Special Exhibitions

For our 2022 Season we offer two special exhibitions':-

Life stories in stiches

April to Mid July

Samplers come in a variety of forms even the word "sampler" could derive from the Latin EXEMPLUM meaning an example or ESSAMPLAIRE - any work that is copied or imitated.

The Beccles Museum has in its collection a variety of these interesting items. For example eight year old Louisa Anne Rockhill delicately stitched an elaborate sampler dated 1837. Samplers were worked to shoe numerals,, the alphabet and sometimes texts. There are few 19th century samplers that do not contain a moral virtue:

Let not the Morrow your vain Thoughts employ

Think this Day the last you many enjoy

Also in the exhibition are samplers depicting plain sewing. This type of work was often introduced in orphanages and charity schools. Darning and dress making processes (gathering, button holes, tucks, attaching tapes all proof of important sewing skills.

An exhibition by the Beccles Society

Mid July to October

It will feature the history of The Beccles Society, including
how it began, the awards it makes and the plaques that it has placed
around the town giving information about particular historic buildings
or prominent people.

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