Visitors’ Feedback

Visitors' Suggestions

Suggestions about how the Museum might improve or develop its exhibitions or its access arrangements for visitors are welcomed. Visitors can make suggestions in three ways:

  • via the stewards on duty, who record suggestions in the stewards' Day Book
  • via the Comments Book, which is available to visitors at the stewards' desk
  • by contacting the Curator (


A selection of typical comments left by visitors in the Comments Book last season:

'Super record of the history of Beccles' (Oct 2015)
'Something for everyone's interests' (Oct 2015)
'Very helpful staff' (Oct 2015)
'Really lovely museum. Excellent information' (Oct 2015)
'Great little find - lovely' (Sep 2015)
'Wish we had come before now! very interesting and informative' (Aug 2015)
'Really wonderful and always new things to discover! Always a pleasure!' (Aug 2015)
'Lovely visit, very nicely presented and looked after. Great for the children too' (Jul 2015)
'Lovely museum with very helpful volunteers. DEFINITELY coming again!' (Jul 2015)
'Absolutely fascinating. Inexorably helpful to my research' (Jun 2015)

Some remarks from Year 4 school visitors:
'My favourite bit is when we got to handle real Roman pottery from about 2000 years ago!'
'My favourite artefact was the whale bone because it asks you a question at the end of the label, saying how did it get here? And it got me thinking about it'
'My favourite thing was trying to find the way from the church to our school on the model of Beccles'
'Thank you for helping us learn a little more about the Romans'
'My favourite part was the bit about Beccles gaol with the chains and the trap to catch poachers'