Christmas Quiz – Answers

1. 1911, after Samuel White, jeweller of Sheepgate, bought Leman House.
2. Quaker Hall/ Friends’ Hall/Newgate Hall
3. 1996
4. True
5. 1670. The significance of the date is not known – perhaps when the building was shortened in length and a new north wall had to be built.
6. False. He was Prime Warden of the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers.
7. Dolphins
8. True
9. Parents’ National Educational Union
10. Roos Hall
11. 75 BC
12. Charles II
13. The leper hospital/St Mary’s hospital
14. A piece of land the income from which supported the poor
15. True
16. 1899
17. False
18. The maltings on Gosford Road/near the station
19. After Napoleon Bonaparte when a celebratory bonfire to mark his defeat was lit there in 1814 (He bounced back, of course, and had to be defeated at Waterloo in 1815.)
20. True
21. A staff entwined with a snake
22. False
23. One penny
24. True
25. A gotch
26. 10
27. False
28. The pepper-pot
29. The Races
30. False
31. A pub
32. Banham
33. Fair Close
34. True
35. Dr Wood-Hill
36. The Falcon
37. Peto
38. True
39. The Pretty family had a corset factory in Hungate Lane. Mrs Pretty owned the land in which the famous ship burial was found at Sutton Hoo.
40. John Baas
41. Crabbe
42. True
43. George V
44. True
45. Clatworthy
46. False
47. Jessop
48. Adrian Bell
49. John Mills
50. The coat of arms of Henry Fauconberge, containing a lion which the Fauconberges took from the Brus arms of Scotland (from whom they were descended), can be seen from Ballygate on an arch at what was St Mary’s House.

We had a tie for first place between Rosemary Hewlett, and Michelle and Roger Golding. They both scored 49 points. In third place was Bernie and David Broom and they scored 46.