Temporary Exhibitions

While much of the Museum's display is permanent, we also have a number of special temporary exhibitions each year.

Temporary exhibitions planned for 2016 are as follows:

26th March - 5th June: 'Out of the Ground' - an exhibition of objects found in the ground in Beccles and surrounding area by members of the public in their gardens, buildings sites, fields etc. The exhibits include fossils, prehistoric tools, coins, weapons and munitions and a wide range of other objects.

7th June - 31st July: First World War Exhibition - the third of our First World War commemorative exhibitions, this time focussing on Beccles and District in 1916. The year 1916 saw the introduction of conscription, many more women taking on war work and the Battle of the Somme.

2nd August - 4th September: Agincourt to Joan of Arc - an exhibition mounted by the Beccles Twinning Association in celebration of the 38 years of friendship between Beccles and Petit-Couronne (Normandy). The exhibition will feature timelines showing the chief local and national events in Beccles and Petit-Couronne during the 38 years from 1415 to 1453, and a timeline illustrating the key events in the 38 years of the current twinning association between the two towns. Accompanying these will be an exhibition of commemorative artwork commissioned especially for this event.

6th September - 30th October: Children's Clothing through the Ages.

Exhibitions held in the 2015 season were:

  • Leman House and the PNEU School, 1st April to 31st May. This exhibition continuedg the theme of Schools and Education in Beccles exhibition that closed the 2014 season. The PNEU school opened in 1947 and Miss Pagan was a popular Head of the school during the 1960s and 1970s. There were displays of photographs and diaries from the time.
  • "Bags of Delight", by the Beccles Craft Group June to 19th July. This display focused on bags, some which they had made and others that had come from the Embroiders' Guild's National Collection.
  • World War 1: the Home Front in Beccles, 21st July to 6th September. Following the centenary commemorations, this display revisited the subject of the Great War, this time looking more closely at the effects of the war on those people who stayed at home.
  • Beccles Industries, 8th September to 31st October. The final display of the season covered a variety of Beccles Industries over the years.