Temporary Exhibitions

While much of the Museum's display is permanent, we also run four special temporary exhibitions each year.

2nd April - May 19th 2019: Beccles Through Time. An exhibition of photographs of Beccles contrasting period images with modern photographs.

May 21st – July 14th 2019: The Railway at Beccles. Marking 160 years of the Railways presence in Beccles.

July 16th – September 8th 2019: Beccles Lido. An exhibition looking at the history of swimming and the various pools in Beccles, to mark the 10th anniversary of it being taken over by the Charity, the Beccles Lido Limited.

September 10th – October 31st 2019: The Rix Collection. An exhibition looking at the Samuel Wilton Rix's collection of documents detailing Beccles history between the 15th and 19th Centuries.

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